Mister Anansi

The storytelling workshops are designed for all ages and abilities. Although most have been performed in schools, I have performed to special-needs groups, playgroups, women's refuge centres, libraries, museums and cultural events.
A typical session would involve an Anansi story performed in the Griot style, followed by music, games and dance workshops. Each story is especially chosen to suit the group and the instruments and costumes are handmade in Ghana.
I only request additional instruments from the centre if the group is very large. A table/bench and space, is all I require from the venue.
My workshops have been invaluable to schools and other organisations interested in African culture, art and of course literacy. They have been very popular at World Book Day events, Black History Month celebrations etc. One of the successes of the workshop is the amount of follow up work it has inspired in schools. I have had overwhelming feedback from teachers who have initiated their own projects following my visits. Many schools have used Anansi as a theme for cultural, literacy and art projects; including one school painting a permanent mural depicting a scene from one of my stories. Also, many teachers have reported seeing and hearing Anansi songs and games in the playground following my visit.
The emphasis is on participation, fun and learning.